Boy oh boy

On Tuesday, we found out that we are in fact going to have another boy in our house. Its about time and I feel like I can finally rest my babymaking and move on to other things in life. My quiver is complete. Even with all of our joy and excitement however, I still have to take it easy because my pregnancy is high risk. While the doctor released me from bedrest, in the same breath she warned me that any bleeding at this point in my pregnancy would become an emergency for my child. I felt a little uneasy about this news since I had only stopped bleeding three days before. My amazing husband concluded that while I am allowed to proceed with teaching my two Latin classes, that is all that I should do. Everything else is going to remain the same as it was while I was on bedrest. So I remain a captive with a few liberties. I have resolved to do something useful with this rest time that I have been given. You know its really kinda nice to have the main man in your life recognize all that you do and say, "Hey that's alot, cut it out!" Wow, sometimes I feel as if I'm dreaming. Not that my husband has ever taken me for granted, but most days it is as though I work full-time and then come home to my second job only to fall into bed at night knowing that there was so much left undone. While I don't like the worry associated with my condition, its actually nice to have a little break from the heavy things.


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